Repay a Loan

After borrowing funds from a lending pool in Project Galapago,there is no loan due date on the loans. You can repay any amount to keep your loan Health Factor above 1 to avoid getting liquidated by auction. Here's how you can repay a loan in Project Galapago:

1.1. Connect wallet

1.2. Check your loan details

1.3. Repay your loan

1.4. Verify your loan status

1.2. Check your loan details

Before making a repayment, it's important to review your loan details to ensure that you are aware of the amount that you owe, the interest rate, and the repayment deadline. You can find all of this information in the "Dashboard" section.

1.3. Repay your loan

Once you have reviewed the loan information, you can proceed to repay your loan. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Repay" page.

  2. Click the “Repay” on the NFT to be repaid to start repayment

  3. Enter the total repayment amount.

  4. Confirm the repayment transaction.

Below are the descriptions for the repay operations:

  • Repay a part of your loan: Increase health factor to reduce liquidation risk

  • Full repayment: You will redeem your NFT.

  • Your debt: Current outstanding loan

  • Remaining debt: If you choose to repay a part of the loan, the debt balance after repayment

  • Collateral ratio: Current NFT's collateral ratio

  • Liquidation price: The current liquidation price of NFT

  • The new health factor: If you choose partial repayment, the health value will be adjusted according to the repayment amount.

Once the repayment transaction is confirmed, the funds will be automatically transferred from your wallet to the lending pool's wallet, and your loan will be marked as repaid.

1.4. Verify your loan status

After repaying your loan, it's important to verify that your health factor has been updated . You should also check your wallet balance to ensure that the repayment transaction was processed successfully.

That's it! By following these simple steps, you can repay your loan in Project Galapago and avoid any potential liquidation of your NFTs.

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