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Mint NFTs

Mint NFTs instantly for Testnet campaign participation in case you don't have any existing Algorand Testnet NFTs for borrowing to create a loan.
User Interface might be different to most recent version of app due to UI change.

1.2. Click “Mint” from menu “NFT”

1.3. Fill in all required information

  • Upload the image asset, ensure image file name is less than 28 characters.
  • Enter all mandatory fields filled with information. Ensure selecting the correct Blockchain (Algorand is selected by default).
  • Click “Submit” button to proceed.

1.4. Approve the transactions

Once you have hit the Submit button, this will trigger actions of for signing.
Confirm the transactions from your connected wallet.

1.5. Finish

Upon successful NFT creation, a successful message will appear.
User will be redirected to the NFT detail screen. Now you are set to kick off a Borrow (loan) transaction.